5 Reasons To Conduct Your Move During The Week

If you are planning a large interstate move, then one of the things you must decide is what dates you will move. Depending on how far away your destination is, you may need multiple days to drive there. This means that you will have to take an entire weekend moving, move during the week, or conduct your move over part of the week and part of the weekend. Your first instinct might be to finish as much of your move over the weekend as possible, especially if you are concerned about missing work or if you are moving during the school year. Read More 

Five Things To Do Before The Movers Arrive

Hiring someone else to pack, transport and unload your items will take away a lot of the stress associated with your move. Even when you hire movers, however, there are some aspects of moving that you'll need to tackle on your own. Before your professional movers arrive at your door, make sure you've completed these essential tasks. Pack up your valuables. Most moving companies won't transport cash or highly valuable items (like your valuable jewelry or gold coin collection). Read More