5 Reasons To Conduct Your Move During The Week

If you are planning a large interstate move, then one of the things you must decide is what dates you will move. Depending on how far away your destination is, you may need multiple days to drive there. This means that you will have to take an entire weekend moving, move during the week, or conduct your move over part of the week and part of the weekend. Your first instinct might be to finish as much of your move over the weekend as possible, especially if you are concerned about missing work or if you are moving during the school year. However, here are five reasons why you should try to finish your move Monday through Friday. 

Better Moving Company Rates

You will get the best rates from your moving company during off-peak moving times. This includes during the school year as opposed to during the summer, during the middle of the month as opposed to the beginning or end of the month, and during the week instead of on the weekend. If you are moving yourself but renting a moving truck, weekdays usually have a better rental rate than weekends as well. 

However, one of the best ways to get good moving rates is to be flexible with your moving dates. If you are willing to shift your move a few days in one direction or another, a moving company can potentially align your move with another customer's move, making the truck and movers work in both directions and lowering your costs. If you are willing to move during the week, then you can easily combine your move with someone who has to move on a weekend. 

Better Hotel Rates 

If you are moving far enough away that you will have to sleep overnight on the road, then you will likely need a hotel for you and your family. In general, many hotels offer cheaper weekday rates and a higher weekend rate. However, finding inexpensive hotels for your trip involves more than just moving during the week. Planning ahead and finding hotels outside of city centers can make it easier to park a moving truck and less expensive for you. 

Utility Companies Will Be Available When You Arrive

Ideally, you will have scheduled your utilities to be turned on before you arrive at your new home. However, in case there is a problem, it is important that you can contact your utility companies. Many utility companies are not available on the weekend and may not be able to send a service person to your home late on a Friday afternoon, so you may want to plan to arrive at your new home by Thursday afternoon at the latest to make sure everything is turned on for the weekend. 

A Weekend to Finish Packing Before You Leave

Whether you are packing yourself or hiring professionals to do the work for you, having an extra weekend before you move to organize your belongings can be useful. This will give you time to sort out items you want to donate or throw away and pack fragile or expensive items yourself. 

A Weekend to Unpack When You Arrive

Similar to having a weekend to pack, having a weekend to unpack before you need to start work or take your children to school can give you time to make your new house feel like a home. You can get yourself set up and still have time to explore your new neighborhood during a relaxing weekend. 

While taking a week off of work may not be your first choice, it can be a smart idea when it comes to moving. 

For more information and tips, contact a local moving company or visit websites like http://www.movewithunited.com.