4 Tips For Incentivizing Employee Relocation

When you are attempting to encourage some of your employees to relocate to another branch of your business, part of their decision will rest on what you offer them to make the transition easier and less expensive. Before encouraging relocation, consider what resources you can provide to encourage your employees agree to the change. Offer Assistance During The Planning Phase Many employers offer employee reimbursement for relocation expenses. Unfortunately, this does not always help with the planning phase of a relocation. Read More 

Are You Budgeting For These 3 Hidden Moving Costs?

Moving is a stressful life event for most people. There are several reasons for that, but one major reason that people find moving stressful is that it's expensive. Even before you consider the cost of hiring a moving company, you have to think about the costs of buying or renting a new home, paying new deposits on your utilities, and all the other costs associated with setting up house in a new location. Read More 

Six Tips To Help You Choose Plastic Storage Bins For Your Museum

Plastic storage containers can keep dust and moisture away from the old documents, textiles and artifacts in your museum storage area. However, plastic containers are not all made the same, and when shopping for storage bins for your museum, you need to choose them carefully. Keep these tips in mind: 1. Opt for chemically stable plastics. There are a number of different plastics that can be used to make storage bins, and if you are storing old textiles or papers, you need to select a plastic that is chemically stable. Read More 

Moving Your Small Business Overseas? What Should You Know?

If you're a military spouse, you may be used to packing up your belongings and relocating to a new state (or even country) at what seems like a moment's notice. In fact, the frequent moves that seem to be inherent in military life may often make it difficult for you to advance in your own career. If this is the case, starting a small, low-overhead business or engaging in direct sales can be a way to supplement your household's income without leaving coworkers and bosses in the lurch each time your spouse gets his or her transfer orders. Read More 

5 Reasons To Conduct Your Move During The Week

If you are planning a large interstate move, then one of the things you must decide is what dates you will move. Depending on how far away your destination is, you may need multiple days to drive there. This means that you will have to take an entire weekend moving, move during the week, or conduct your move over part of the week and part of the weekend. Your first instinct might be to finish as much of your move over the weekend as possible, especially if you are concerned about missing work or if you are moving during the school year. Read More