4 Tips For Incentivizing Employee Relocation

When you are attempting to encourage some of your employees to relocate to another branch of your business, part of their decision will rest on what you offer them to make the transition easier and less expensive. Before encouraging relocation, consider what resources you can provide to encourage your employees agree to the change.

Offer Assistance During The Planning Phase

Many employers offer employee reimbursement for relocation expenses. Unfortunately, this does not always help with the planning phase of a relocation. Your employees will likely need help with the costs of traveling to the new location to find housing and make arrangements, such as signing documents to enter their children into a new school system or finding medical care. Not only does this involve travel expenses, but your employees will need short-term housing before they actually relocate.

If you have several employees that will relocate at the same time, you may want to determine if there are local hotels or extended-stay locations that will offer your business a group discount rate. This can make it easier for your business to absorb all or some of the costs of planning relocation.

Recruit Other Employees For Help

Another method of helping your employees is to find resources that will help them before relocation and during the adjustment period after moving. If they are relocating to an existing branch of your business, recruit employees at that branch to offer helpful information. Whether employees at the new location have an opinion on which doctors are best or prefer a specific school district in the neighboring areas, all this information can be compiled into a file and give to your employees who are considering or have agreed to relocate. Any employees who are willing to provide contact information should also be included. Your employees will appreciate anyone who is willing to help show them around and offer advice.

Find Lease And Mortgage Assistance

It is likely your employees will have a lease or mortgage that may hold them back from making a relocation decision. If any of your employees rent a residence, you should consider offering them support for the costs associated with breaking their lease if the relocation would occur before lease renewal. Other options include finding someone to sublet the residence, if it is allowed in the lease, to avoid the high price associated with breaking the lease.

For homeowners, you should consider which options are available through local real estate agents to assist your employees in selling their home within a reasonable time frame. If the house cannot be sold before the employee leaves, consider finding a trusted person to help with house showings and monitoring the home to keep it safe and in good condition until someone buys the residence.

Help Employees Settle-In

Another significant expense when relocating is setting up a new place. If your employees find that it is less expensive to repurchase furniture items than to move them, find ways to make repurchasing items easier. One option is to assist your employees with furniture rental or lease-to-own options. If you have a larger company, you may be able to work out arrangements by using corporate accounts to help make renting or leasing items less expensive than it would be if your employees rented or leased on their own. Having these options available can make your employees more comfortable until they receive subsequent paychecks or are reimbursed for relocation expenses. Additionally, it also reduces the stress of worrying about furnishing a new place.

Relocating can be a difficult and expensive decision for employees, but there are ways employers can make the task less daunting. By offering assistance in the most critical areas of relocation, your employees will be more interested and accepting of the transition.

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