Make Move Easier With These 3 Steps

No one likes the moving process because it's long, tedious, and requires a lot of heavy lifting. Coordinating timelines, packing boxes, turning off utilities, and finding time to get it all done can be overwhelming. Here are 5 steps you can take to help yourself prepare for the move and make things easier:

Deep Clean and Donate

Take the time to go through your entire home and get things cleaned and sorted through, you will be glad you did. If it's not done right you make more work for yourself later. As you do your laundry, go through all your clothing and only keep the things you need and love. Donate the rest and pack up fresh and clean clothes that are organized. You will be surprised how much you find to donate from your kitchen, bathrooms, kids' rooms, and other knick-knacks. Getting rid of your unwanted things will save you from doing the job later in your new place. It will also help you move cost less!  Moving truck pricing is usually calculated by using the size or weight of the load. Having less to load means less to pay!

Buy Appropriate Boxes

Some people think that buying a large number of the biggest boxes possible is the best practice for moving. This is incorrect and can end up making the move much more complicated. It's best to pack like things together to avoid damaging them. Dishes should go in a box that is appropriate for their size. Putting dishes in a huge box and then piling other random things on top will cause them to break. Even if the dishes are alone in the box, it will be hard to secure them and they are still at risk for damage. Overloading boxes are not good for your belongings or the backs of the people tasked with moving them.

Hire Residential Moving Services

Whether your move is local or long distance, you will be so glad you hired help. Homeowners often don't realize how much stuff they have to move. Things like appliances, mattresses, and furniture can be very difficult to move. Residential movers have the right lifting belts and dollys to help you navigate this tricky process. Find movers in your area who are licensed and insured.

Make your move easier using these three steps. Taking your time to plan and get the help you need will save you a lot of time and stress! Start packing and find some movers to reserve for your upcoming adventure!